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is local based company that has designed a website to assist  local Businesses and customers by providing a one stop search webpage enabling  quick search results. This benefits both Business owner and Customer. 

Our goal is to provide a website that is designed to help Business owners be more accessible and help the general public easily find the service they need.” 

… Some Immediate Benefits …

Business Owner

  1. Affordable internet presence
  2. More public exposure
  3. A webpage presence if you havent already got one
  4. A webpage link for advertising
  5. Link to your existing website for more exposure


  1. One stop search 
  2. Find business information quickly
  3. Access  from anywhere
  4. Access  from desktop, tablet or mobile phone
  5. County, Town and Emergency information 


Most frequent questions and answers

What information do you require for the website?

  1. Company Name
  2. Company Description
  3. Business Phone Number
  4. Business Email Address
  5. Business Address
  6. Business Photo
  7. Business Logo

Can I edit the webpage?

No.  All edits and changes to the website are monitored and performed by THE EDSON HUB staff. With the Basic Plan you will receive one (1) edit per year after the webpage has been approved by you. With the Premium Plan you will receive four(4) edits per year after the web page has been approved by you. 

How long before my webpage is active?

Depending on back log of new orders or requests for edits, your webpage will be active in 7 days after you have provided us with all your Business information.

What feature edits can the Premium Plan include?

The Premium Plan provides four (4) edits per year. You can change any of your Business information. In addition you can add a banner for an upcoming sale or special event. You can include a countdown or timeframe.

Can I link my existing website to this webpage?

Yes. In fact we encourage it. The goal is to make your Business more accessible to your customers. The more exposure the better.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

There is a 7 Day Money Back guarantee if you are not happy with the product. After 7 days the subscription fees are final and not refundable. At any time you can request that the page be removed from the website.

Do I own this Domain Name / formatted content?

No. You are in fact “leasing” space and the formatted content on THE EDSON HUB website for a year. You can however use the URL link webpage name  in your advertising and it will take you to your page as long as your subscription is current.

Does this website format to mobile devices?

YES.  We take the time to ensure that your content is edited so it will look proper on desktops, tablets and mobile phones. This will enable clients to access your information from their cell phone while in transit.

Can my page be found on all social media?

Yes. In fact we encourage you to share your page on all social media platforms eg: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.The more exposure you gain, the greater the benefit to your business. Ask your friends and family to do the same.

Why such a low subscription price?

In today’s economy we realize that every Business needs a cost effective way to advertise and market their services. We keep our subscription price low so everyone can afford our service and provide you with a high quality product.

Can I make monthly payments?

No.  We provide an affordable beneficial service and we require full payment for your yearly subscription in advance of any work done on your behalf.

Can my Business commission a full website to be built?


All information content on this website must be suitable for viewing by all ages. The Management at their descretion reserves the right to refuse inappropriate material or content 



JCD is a Canadian website designer who resides in Alberta

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