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Servicing Edmonton and Surrounding area

About Us

is a local, family owned business which began operating in January of 1995. Serving the Edmonton and surrounding areas with professional drivers has been our primary concern, along with timely deliveries. All our drivers are bonded, insured, covered under the WCB act of Alberta and also trained with a basic dangerous good course. We have prided ourselves on giving our customers the best possible service that we can provide, with the safety be our first priority. We also take great pride in our honest time lines. 

Our Fleet


We have various type of vehicles in our fleet from mini vans up to truck and trailers.

Various mini vans.
Various 1/2 ton & 3/4 ton.
Various 1 ton with 8’x12′ deck, pipe racks and fold down sides.
Various 1 ton with 24′-34′ trailers, low profile to hi-boys.
1 ton with 45′ trailer and another 8′ of deck space on top of the gooseneck capacity 26,000lbs
Various 5 ton with 24′ enclosed van body with power tailgate.
​5 ton  20′ flat deck with a power tailgate 

Specialty Trucks

1 ton with 30′ gooseneck trailer, picker mounted at the front of the trailer.

2500lbs capacity from base of picker to ground, 700lbs capacity at 20′.

1 ton with 34′ tandem hi-boy trailer, truck mounted picker.

3500lbs capacity from base of picker to ground, 900 capacity at 20′.



We provide many different services with our company. 

Any material that you may need, lumber, pipe, boxes, envelopes, etc.

We can offload material from the truck down to the ground or on to buildings with our picker trucks.

We have powertailgates that can load material without the need for a forklift.

Dock level pick ups and deliveries.

Daily runs, weekly runs, time sensitive runs.

Rush deliveries, hotshots.

Hand bombing in and out of buildings.

We delivery in and around the Edmonton area.

Basic dangerous goods material.

Contact Us

Phone: (780) 413-6181

Fax:      (780) 413-6184

P.O. Box 20001, RPO Beverly
Edmonton, AB
T5W 5E6

Email: surefireexpress@hotmail.ca

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